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3 Fashion Tips When Redheads Wear Yellow

Rihanna, the gorgeous by-choice redhead, was recently featured in Spain’s Cosmopolitan– wearing yellow! H2BAR loves when redheads where yellow and since fall arrived, we haven’t stopped accessorizing with the color.

Many redheads worry that the color yellow will not complement their pale skin and sometimes that may be true, but there is nothing that makes an outfit pop more than a yellow clutch, vibrant shoe or flashy pants.


1. If you choose to wear yellow in a big way, like yellow pants, wear a “redhead friendly” top color like a dark blue or eggplant purple.

2. When wearing a one colored cheek outfit, choose a yellow clutch to brighten everything up.

3. Be Fun! Opt for funky yellow shoes to make your outfit pop.

Rock it like a Redhead!