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How to Maintain Red Hair

Kyle White, based out of the Oscar Blandi Salon in NYC, has celebrity regulars who include Mariah Carey, Maria Menounos and many more. He took actress Carla Gugino from her signature brunette to a beautiful redhead over the summer. Carla’s hair was so stunning that it elicited a tweet from Russell Crowe who couldn’t help but compliment her new color.

Below are a handful of his tips from Kyle White on going red in 2014, maintaining the hue and tips for natural redheads too:

Redheads ‘By Choice’ 

1. “Red is the largest color molecule and it slips out of the hair very quickly. Dark reds work best with alabaster skin tones and freckles like Julianne Moore and Lindsay Lohan. Copper reds, like Jessica Chastain, look best with lighter skin tones and eyes,” says White. “Make sure you use a good shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair that won’t strip your color. I like the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Shampoo, which has low sulfate levels and lots of moisturizing agents.”

2. ” I recommend cutting back on frequent shampooing (only 2-3 times a week) by using a dry shampoo.”

3. White recommends using, “a red color enhancing shampoo, like L’Oreal Artec Shampoo in Red Clover or Ginger. Use these products with extreme caution and always be sure to get the correct shade of red from your colorist. I recommend using this only once a week, depending on how often you shampoo.”

Natural Redheads and Natural Choices

Looking to naturally enhance your red hair? White has a great natural tip: cranberry juice! “Try combing a cup of cranberry juice through damp hair — leave in for five to fifteen minutes. The longer it’s left on, the more vibrant it will become. Don’t forget to shampoo out. For fiery red shades, you can also use Cherry Kool-Aide, which will result in a more vibrant effect.”

Rock it like a Redhead!