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How to Get The Precise Ponytail

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By: Guest Writer, Kristin from

The semi-polished, precise ponytail is a great look for the fall season. Whether you’re at the office or at a cocktail hour, a ponytail worn “right” can be as chic as the sleekest chignon.

Renowned celebrity stylist and contributor Sherri Belanger shares great advice on how to achieve this coveted autumn trend:

 What You Need:


-Hair tie

-Lightweight hairspray

1. Flip your head upside down and brush your hair forward to remove any tangles.

2. Grasp your hair together before flipping back up. This pony can sit in a way that if pulled too tight, will pull your eyes and give you an instant facelift (If you wanted it!).

3. Smooth the hair into the hair tie.

4. Once hair is secure, tug on each side of your ponytail to tighten it and spread your hair.

5. Spray your flyaways with a lightweight hairspray, like Kenra Design Spray 9.

“If you’d prefer more volume around your hairline,” Sherri notes, “you can gently tease the crown of your head and also tease the sides (the hair between your ear and eyebrow) vertically before flipping your head upside down, then follow the same styling steps.” 


Sherri also recommends freshening up any summer color dulling with Davines Alchemic Red Shampoo or L’Oreal Paris Professional Red Clover Shampoo. “Don’t be afraid of the red coloring of the shampoo,” says Sherri. “It will really enhance your hue and add serious shine to your red tresses.”

Go ahead and take your pony from a summer mess to autumn perfection with these simple styling steps. We can’t wait to see you wear it!