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How to Achieve the Perfect Redhead Mermaid Beach Waves

Updated: July 1, 2021

Many redheads are compared to Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Her long red hair is envied amongst many, which is why redheads are called ‘real-life mermaids’. To celebrate this iconic Disney princess, here are 5 ways you achieve redhead mermaid beach waves this summer:

Method #1: Sea Salt Spray

Try a ‘redhead friendly’ sea salt spray if you have some natural wave to your red hair. This styling product will bring out your natural texture while making it look like you just got back from the ocean.

Simply spray (less is more) onto wet or damp red hair, and then cup some ends in your hand and scrunch up to the root.

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Method #2: Three-Barrel Curling Iron

Use a three-barrel curling iron if you’re looking to achieve effortless curls.

Spray heat protectant on dry red hair and separate into sections. Hold the tool horizontally, press to open the clamp and capture the top of the hair section between the barrels. Release and open the clamp. Repeat until the whole section is styled. Finish with a texture holding spray.

Method #3: Redhead Hair Buns

Wash your red hair, section it into equal parts, and twist and wrap it into two to four low buns. You can spray a little hairspray for extra hold and definition.

‘Redhead Friendly’ Tip: This is best to do at night after you get out of the shower since your hair should be dry by the time you wake up in the morning.

Method #4: A Mix

Depending on your hair type, a mix of methods 1-3 could work best for you. Spray sea salt and put your red hair into buns. Or, with dry red hair, use a curling iron and put your hair into buns that night before bed. Do what works for your hair type!

Method #5: A Perm

Unfortunately, perms have a bad wrap thanks to the 1980′s, but with the right hairstylist and the right technique, you will be getting the following comments: “Get out! It’s a perm?!” “Really? It looks so natural! It’s not all kinky curly at all! Wow!” Read more here.

Rock it like a Redhead!