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How to Get The Bow Hairstyle in 4 Easy Steps

The bow hairstyle is so chic and classy- especially when paired with red hair! It looks like it is complicated to attain, but it is actually a piece of cake. Follow these simple steps:

1. You can use all of your hair to make a bow or just a small section. Determine where you want the bow and begin making a ponytail with that section of hair.

2. On your last ponytail wrap, do not let the last chunk of hair through the elastic. Instead, keep it as a floppy bun with the tail end of the ponytail sticking outwards.

3. On the forefront of the elastic, clip down the tail end with a bobby pin to secure.

4. Then, wrap the tail end over the center floppy bun and secure with a bobby pin in the back of the bun too.

5. Wa, La!