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How to Fix A Bad At Home Hair Dye Job

Many women opt for box dyes to make their hair a fabulous color of red and for the most part, they usually work beautifully; but, there are some cases when the process turns into a nightmare.

This can typically happen when there is blonde in the hair because the bleach can counteract with the at-home dye.

Celebrity colorist, Rona O’Connor, is here to help! Here are two easy ways to turn your disaster from horrible to hot in no time:

1. “If the color pulled super dark, you could start fading it before you see a hair dresser to get it fixed. Simply mix your shampoo with a little bit of clear dishwashing liquid (or straight dishwashing liquid) and a good conditioning treatment after. This process will strip the color and prep you for a professional.”

2. “You have to go to a hairdresser to get it fixed and I recommend asking for a color specialist in the salon who has the most experience. If you’re on a budget, let them know so they can help you plan future colorings.”

Keep beautifully Red!