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How to Do an Easy Knot Updo

By: Kiera Doyle, New York City Editorial Hairstylist 

Did you wake up late this morning and didn’t have time to wash your red hair? Do you want a hairstyle that will distract from its greasiness, but still look beautiful? The knotted undo is an easy to-do, loose braid and is perfect for day or night.

Here are the five steps:

1. Prep with holding spray. Blow dry hair back and away from face.

2. Start by taking sections of hair (one to two inches) from the ear lopes across to the back of head— tie these pieces in knot.

3. Take another section of hair (one to two inches below previous) marry the ends of tied hair into the new section and tie in a knot.

4. Continue to work down the head tying knots until you reach the nape of neck.

5. Pin remaining hair up with redhead bobby pins.

Viola! The knot updo!





Photo (c) How to be a Redhead, Model: Megan Channell at the 2013 Rock it like a Redhead Event