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How To Do A Rapunzel Side Braid and Milkmaid Braid

One of the great things about the rapunzel braid is its versatility. Adrienne, our co-founder, shows you how to do a classic rapunzel side-braid and how to turn the look into a milk braid. She prepped her naturally curly hair with Kenra Professional Anti-Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Creme, and began braiding!

1. We like the effect of a full braid, and this look is great for those days when you don’t feel like washing your hair. Start at the top of your hair and take three sections.



2. As you work your way down, you have the option of making 1 full braid or 2 braids. The 2 braided look can turn into a milkmaid braid. Skip to step #5 to see more!

Note: You don’t have to be picky about your hair part, let your hair go its natural way.


3. Continue to gather the hair from the other side of your head and work your way down.




4. The final result! Secure with redhead bobby pins and hair ties.


4A. Optional*: Get creative! As you’re wrapping your side braid, weave in a fun hair scarf. This is actually a vintage belt that Adrienne & Stephanie use to wrap their red hair on days when they dont feel like washing it.


5. The Milkmaid Braid: Picking up from Step #2, braid your left and right side separately. Then, simply pull the first braid over the crown of your head–along where you would place a headband–and secure with bobby pins. You may need to place several pins along the length of the braid to keep it from falling down.  Do the same on the other side and try to keep the same angle so that the two braids “run into” each other. Secure with hairspray and more bobby pins, if needed.



Final result! 



UPDATE: April 11, 2016

Sophie Turner rocked this exact hair style at the 2016 Game of Thrones premiere! You can also do it with a crown braid! WATCH here now.


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Rock it like a Redhead!