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Tutorial: How to Do a Fishtail Braid on Your Red Hair

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For this fishtail braid, you will need a tail comb and redhead ties. 

Create desired part and gather your hair at the nape of the neck with your redhead hair ties.

Split held ponytail into two equal sections. Take a thin section of hair from the outside of the right and cross it over to the inside of the left.

Now take an equal amount from the outside of the left and cross it over to the inside of the right. Continue to work from right to left until you have completed your braid.

Note: Taking smaller sections of hair will deliver a more intricate look. Be sure to keep a firm hold so the braid is tight. For a more playful look, loosen after the braid is completed.

To clean up loose layers, use a redhead bobby pin.

Rock it like a Redhead!