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“How to be a Redhead”, A Valuable Resource for All Redheads

This is a book you won’t just read; you’ll reference it often. Read the full review below:

By: Shawna Renée

It all started with a couple of redheaded sisters from Rhode Island with a dream to help and inspire their other redheaded “sisters” feel amazing about this rare attribute. They knew there was something special about being blessed with ruby locks. They understood that it’s not just about having fiery hair color, it’s a state of being when you’re a redhead. You don’t just have red hair; you are a redhead, and with that comes many blessings and challenges.

So Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti set out on a mission to empower their “redhead beauties,” and to provide them with beauty tips and confidence boosters that no freckled, pale-skinned, copper-colored-maned comrade could live without! Just about every topic for hair, skin, nails, makeup, and fashion can be found in their book, How to be a Redhead.

The average person doesn’t realize the care involved with taking proper care of red tresses, but the not-so-average redhead does or, at least, should realize. How to be a Redhead provides an easy-to-follow guide for all red hair types from cleansing and nourishing to treating and styling. There’s no shortage of product recommendations, either.

When it comes to proper skincare, everyone knows that fair skin is a part of the package with most redheads. With that light complexion comes skin sensitivity. Adrienne and Stephanie have delivered several ways to conquer some of these skin issues and even bask in the beauty of being a fair maiden.

Nails and makeup are addressed in a fun, fashion-forward manner. Tools, tips, and techniques combined with color recommendations and redhead friendly product options allow anyone with hair from strawberry to red to auburn to red violet to be able to discover new makeup options for enhancing their unique look.

How to be a Redhead even includes classic and trendy clothing color options and how to put it all together to make those red locks stand out. Adrienne and Stephanie even share their “redhead friendly” favorite colors to wear.

Finally, highly appreciated, by this redhead in particular, dispersed throughout the book are confidence boosting comments that anyone with red hair will take to heart. Be ready to jot down notes in the margins and fill this book up with sticky tabs. This is a book you won’t just read; you’ll reference it often. How to be a Redhead, by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, is a valuable resource for anyone wanting reassuring advice about how to respectfully and confidently “Rock it like a redhead”.

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