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How Redheads Should Apply Instant Tanner

If you’re a redhead who enjoys instant tanner, you have come to the right place. Many redheads do not think they can wear sunless tanner because of the stigma that all “turn you orange”. In fact, many products are on the market do the opposite — they give you a natural looking glow! We love the natural sunless tanner from Skinny Tan USA. It has natural ingredients, and isn’t full of harmful chemicals. When applying instant tanner, redheads need to remember the following:

  1. Exfoliate/Shave before applying
  2. Apply evenly and do not miss the elbows, feet or knees!
  3. Wait 8-12 hours before showering
  4. Note: This particular product works gradually, for you to get the perfect shade.

Watch the tutorial below:

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