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How Redheads Can Conceal and Hide Blemishes

Tips and Tricks for Covering Pesky Pimples!

Blemishes are pesky and annoying, but they are a part of life. Even if you wash your face and use all the proper redhead skincare techniques, you’ll probably still get a blemish from time to time. Instead of having a meltdown, learn how to properly conceal your blemishes should they pop up. 

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1. Reduce redness and swelling

The first thing to do is try and reduce redness and swelling. Avoid touching your blemish and clean your hands thoroughly if you do. Don’t squeeze or pick at the blemish. If you have the time, try putting a pimple patch on overnight. Otherwise, you can try icing it, using a drying serum, or applying a zit zapper




2. Use color correctors

Once you’ve reduced as much redness and swelling as possible it’s time to cover that bad boy up. Use a color corrector to cancel out the redness so you have an even playing field to work with. 


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3. Build the coverage

Start with just a little concealer and build the coverage as you go. You want to make the skin look as natural as possible, so opt for something the same tone as your skin or a little lighter.



4. Dab on the product

When working with your concealer and other face products, be sure to dab them on and around the blemish. Wiping or buffing will cause you to lose product. Dabbing will build coverage and keep things in place. 

5. Lock it in place

When you’ve successfully covered the blemish you need to lock it all in place. Use a setting powder as well as a setting spray to ensure your makeup doesn’t move. Bring along some concealer in your purse just in case it needs a touch-up. 

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