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How Charlie + The Little Red-Haired Girl’s Love Really Happened

Charlie's love caught her attention, but he wasn't the first one to make a move...

“Love is that little girl with red hair.” -Charlie Brown

Happy 50th birthday to a Charlie Brown classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Throughout the years, we’ve seen Charlie’s undeniable love for The “Little Red-Haired Girl”. Her character shows Charlie Brown’s affection and is a symbol of his ability to truly love. She was never seen in the comic strips, but she appears onscreen in several television specials and movies. Her name is Heather with the prettiest red hair.

Let’s take a look at their years of love and how it all happened:

Where It All Started:

On the way to school, Charlie meets Linus and tells him he is frustrated that he cannot enjoy himself like all the other children at school. Then he notices The Little Red-Haired Girl, sitting on a passing bus, he gets very excited, and wonders why he can never eat lunch with her. Linus exclaims “I know what the problem is. You’re in love Charlie Brown.”


Charlie Tries, Tries + Tries Again:

Men, take note! Charlie tried time and time again to get to know The Little Red-Haired Girl. One time, on the the last day of school before summer vacation, Charlie Brown planned to get up early in the morning, so he can take the bus and meet The Little Red-Haired Girl at the bus stop. He actually sets his alarm for 4:30 in the morning, but is so tired, he fells asleep on the bench, and when the bus comes, it leaves him behind.

Charlie Brown most often notices her while eating lunch outdoors, always failing to muster the courage to speak to her. She figures prominently in Valentine’s Day strips, several of which focus on Charlie Brown’s hope of getting a valentine from her. Charlie Brown typically attempts to give her a valentine but panics at the last minute.


Heather Impresses Charlie:

Although The Little Red-Haired Girl, also known as Heather, is shy too, women have a way of knowing when someone likes them. Although we don’t see her side, we have a strong inclination that she recognized Charlie somewhere along the way. She begins to have feelings for him and leaves Charlie a note that says:

I Like You, Charlie Brown. signed Little Red Haired Girl.


Heather’s character was never in the forefront until the new Peanuts movie (released on November 6th) was released. The Little Red-Haired Girl’s character is the center of the plot. In the end, true love always prevails.

May we see many more years of love between Charlie + The Little Red-Haired Girl. Rock it like a Redhead!