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Hairstyle Tips Using Redhead Bun Maker and Bobby Pins

By: Tessa Viole

During the warm weather, it’s almost necessary for us to wear our hair up. However, if your hair is layered, redhead bobby pins are your best friend because they keep your loose ends from coming out of your beautiful undo — unless that’s the look you’re going for. One of my favorite up dos that works well with many outfits is the popular “sock bun” or Redhead Bun Maker. It’s cute, easy, and once you get the hang of it, it won’t take you long to get your look at all. For those who haven’t yet tried the sock bun or are confused as to how to implement the steps, keep reading.

Here are some hairstyle tips on using the Redhead Bobby Pins & Bun Maker:

The redhead bobby pins come in three shades & can be used to blend in with your red hair or make it pop.
The redhead bobby pins come in three shades & can be used to blend in with your red hair or make it pop.

1. Get your hair into a high ponytail: The higher your ponytail is, the higher your bun will be. Sock buns can be worn lower as well, but they look best when worn high. Make sure your hair is smooth at the top (no bumps)!

2. The sock/doughnut: Many people use a sock with the toe cut off and roll it into a doughnut shape, but what I’ve found easier to use and hold hair better is a “bun maker.” You can find them right here.

3. Using the sock/doughnut: Insert your ponytail into the bun maker and make sure it’s near what would be the bottom of your ponytail (not where the hair elastic is) and spread the strands around the sock or doughnut to get even coverage when creating your bun.

4. Creating the bun: All that’s left is to now create your bun by doing some simple tucks and rolls all the way down to the hair elastic. It’s important to have even coverage so that your bun maker isn’t sticking out.

5. Securing your bun: After you’ve created your sock bun, it’s time to make sure it doesn’t come out! Some people (including myself at times) have used hair elastics for this especially when on the go, but bobby pins do a better job in keeping the bun in place. Obviously, this is where the redhead bobby pins come in. You don’t need many, just a few in different places to make sure your bun won’t come undone. After that, you’re done and ready to go!

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Photos © How to be a Redhead, Kara Kochalko Photography