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Gwen Stefani In New Throwback Pic: ‘Are You A Redhead?!’

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

Gwen Stefani, one of the most famous pop icons in the world, posted a throwback photo of her and her mother. In the photo, Gwen is wearing an adorable green dress and appears to be a redhead. This photo shocked fans and garnered some comments like, “Gwen, are you a redhead?!”

As much as we would love to welcome the singer to the ranks of natural redheads, it appears to be just a trick of the light, filter, and an old photograph. One commenter debunked the redhead rumor with this comment:

“Looks like the picture is overall very warm-toned, giving everything a red hue. She was born in ’69, so pic was probably taken in 1970-’71. Blue pigments fade more over time than red pigments, and if I’m not mistaken the film at the time often had a red base. She’s a brunette.”

As far as we know, Gwen hasn’t addressed this redhead rumor herself. But, in another post made a few days later, we see a glimpse at little Gwen again. This time we can see her light brown hair without a speck of red in it. Gwen’s natural hair color can also be seen in past throwback photos she’s posted. Scroll to take a peek: 


Do you think she’s a redhead or is it simply a filter/old photo?

Rock it like a Redhead!


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