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Going for Gold: Drastic Makeup Tips for Redheads

By: Melanie Ring

How often do you hear: “You can’t wear that, you’re a redhead!”

There are so many myths about colors to suit different complexions. Well, who cares about the rules, when it comes to makeup you can still be brave with any color- especially gold.

The trick is to find the right shade of gold and also learn how to balance makeup because it is important to work with your red hair, not against it.


Sometimes it’s nice to stand out from the crowd with your red hair and contrasting “redhead friendly” colors- like green, plum or turquoise. At other times, reaching for gold tones can be a versatile makeup option- especially for those fun summer nights. Warm shades of gold and copper can add a touch of shimmer to your naturally light eyelids and you can follow it up with a touch of eyeliner for some definition.

To finish the look you can choose warmer brown mascara to show off your lashes without appearing too harsh.

If you’re looking to create an evening look, you can use gold shades as a base to build on and apply browns for a warm, smoky eye effect. Or, you can add a deeper, matte eyeshadow and gold eyeliner for a dramatic look.


To be on the safe side with your blush, it’s best to choose a peachy or coral shade. Luckily, these tend to blend beautifully with gold so you’re sure to get your look spot on.


Gold lipstick is a little bit more dangerous. A strong metallic gold lip only really works on olive skin types. It doesn’t mean gold can’t be an option for you. A good trick for redheads is to apply some gold lip gloss over the top of your favourite lipstick for a shimmering effect. Alternatively, look for warm lip colors that include the shimmer. Golden coral shades or gold-based reds and peaches work well.


There is no better way to incorporate gold into your beauty regime than with a spot of gold nail polish. It makes a great addition to any party outfit because you can match the color with your choice of jewelry. Or, you can pick a shade which co-ordinates with your lipstick, but has flecks of gold within the polish.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Photo Credit: Hart & Co.