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GIVEAWAY: Hosted by THESIS. A Truly Pure, Vegan & Eco-Friendly Skincare Line

Once in a while, you will come across a skincare line you feel was designed for you. For redheads with sensitive skin, Thesis skincare is an answer from the skin gods above. We’ve all been there, trying hundreds of products, natural and not so natural that didn’t work or seemingly worked, but cost an arm and a leg. Thesis products are truly pure, vegan and eco-friendly that really work and are responsible in every way – without breaking a bank.

When it comes to the quality of ingredients, it means everything to the skincare brand.  They carefully assess each ingredient and formulate only with the most potent certified organic botanicals (oils, butters, essences, herbs, glycerin etc.) and premium natural salts, clays and some other ingredients that come straight from nature and are not synthesized or processed in any way (for example, baking soda or pumice). Most of the ingredients are food grade (except clays, some salts and some oils). That’s why Thesis products are so nourishing to your skin – they are a true, pure skin food. What’s important, its carrier oils, butters and botanicals are also raw, unprocessed and loaded with antioxidants helping hydrate your skin, prevent signs of premature aging, and support your skins health. Ingredients that have been processed (refined, deodorized, bleached, etc. to achieve longer shelf life and smoother texture) have little or nothing to offer to your skin.

Thesis sources only the best certified organic ingredients, even some of the most expensive and rare ones – because product quality and your happy, healthy skin are most important.

They have a ‘Sensitive Skin Regimen’ section on their website of facial moisturizers for those with fragile skin, like redheads. They understand that those with sensitive skin need organic and all natural unscented skincare products to help soothe, calm, nourish, hydrate and protect sensitive skin with the gentlest touch. This is why we’ve teamed up with Thesis to giveaway 2 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Approved Sensitive Skin Regimen Packages! 

Take a closer look at the beautiful products, inside and out, right here:


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Note: This product review contains the true beliefs of How to be a Redhead and were rightfully provided by Thesis® . All photo credit belongs to Thesis®.