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GIVEAWAY: Give a Lustrous Gleam To Your Red Locks, Hosted by Arganesse

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Many natural redheads are born with frizzy, sometimes-puffy, “mane-like” hair. There are tons of products available on the market that claim to cure all traces of frizzy hair. So, what do you do? You go to the store and purchase products and end up with not-so-great results.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-13-at-10-1.03.27-AM-e1360767765186The best way you can tame your red hair, but still keep it vibrant and full of life is by using all-natural products that work with your hair– not against it. This is why all redheads must try the “redhead friendly” tested and approved hair treatment from Arganesse. It is an argan oil that naturally hydrates for silky, shiny, frizz-free hair and will never, ever leave your hair greasy.

Argan oil is grown exclusively in southwestern Morocco from the argan tree. High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, pure argan oil moisturizes skin and adds a frizz-free shine to hair. Arganesse rigorously tested and through countless revisions has received success. It is a blend of argan oil with the perfect combination of complementary ingredients resulted in the winning secret formula. When applied to hair, this incredible serum gave a lustrous gleam to dull, lifeless red locks.


It doesn’t matter if you have thick or thin, curly or straight, coarse or fine hair.  Arganesse will enhance the natural beauty of hair unlike any other product.


1. Wash, condition and towel dry hair.

2. Pour a small amount of Arganesse into your palm and massage through damp hair, concentrating on the ends.

3. Style as usual.

4. You’ll immediately notice and feel the difference! And, the smell is incredible.

You will be amazed with the quality of this hair serum and that’s why How to be a Redhead has teamed up with Arganesse to give TEN lucky redheads this revolutionary hair product.


CONTEST IS NOW OVER. PLEASE USE CODE : arganesse10 for 10% discount on your order!



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Note: This product review contains the true beliefs of How to be a Redhead and were rightfully provided by Arganesse® .

Photo Credit © How to be a Redhead

Model: Kelly Kirsten at the Rock it like a Redhead Event