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Olivia Volpe

Gift Guide: What to Get Your Redheaded Girlfriend This Holiday Season

By: Olivia Volpe

Along with the snowflakes and decorations that come with the holiday season, also comes the time for some gift giving.  I think gifts that have a fun twist, such as including a fun activity or a adding personal touch, are the best!

So boyfriends, listen up!

Here’s my foolproof list of some creative holiday gifts for your redheaded girlfriend that will earn you some brownie points and leave her with special memories to last longer than just the holiday season!

1. For the Adventurous Redhead: Surprise your girl with something to get the adrenaline pumping.  Think skydiving or some other extreme sport.  Redheads tend to always be ready for a challenge and skydiving is a super fun activity you can do together!  What better way to bond than jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet up?  It’s a creative gift and will create a memory you two can share forever.  Visit this skydiving site to find a jump location near you.

2. For the Old School Redhead: Is she still listening to a CD Walkman or a first generation iPod?  If your redhead is in need of some new music technology, think of getting her one of the new Apple iPod Nanos and filling it with favorite songs you two share!  It’ll make her think of you every time she’s working out on the treadmill or rocking out on the way to work!

3. For the Gourmet Redhead: Those with copper locks tend to have fiery personalities and a taste for the exotic to match.  Think about taking her to a cooking lesson where you can try some new and unheard of foods.  Most classes offer a lively dinner party after the class to enjoy what you just made, but you could head home and share your newfound skills cooking a meal together in your own kitchen!

4. For the Traveling Redhead: Plan a weekend getaway somewhere and put the tickets or hotel reservations in a new overnight bag!  It’s a chance for the two of you to escape daily reality for a little and spend some quality time together.  The adventurous streak that most ginger gals have means she will be thrilled to experience a new place with her special guy.

5. For the Overworked Redhead: Redheads are caring people who often put other peoples’ happiness in front of their own.  Get her a spa treatment, like a Swedish massage, so she can have some time to focus on herself and recharge!

6. For Redhead Who’s a Team Player: Those with copper tresses are some of the most loyal  (as I’m sure you boyfriends all know), so there’s a good chance she has a favorite sports team!  Check game schedules and see if there’s a home game you can go to.  It’s a super fun way to spend some time together and she’ll love that you’re sharing in her passion!  For an added bonus, pair the tickets with a new jersey she can sport to the game!  These winter months mean you’ll likely head to a football or hockey game, so check out the the online NFL Shop or the NHL’s gift shop to find something that will compliment your lady’s fiery tresses and get her amped for the game!

7. For Every Redhead: There’s one thing you can never go wrong with- jewelry.  Whether it’s a lovingly chosen locket or a modern pair of earrings, girls love something that sparkles and you can’t go wrong a little bit of bling.  Golds and greens best accent a redhead’s features, so keep that in mind when choosing something special!