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From One Redhead to Another: The Inside Scoop About Eyelash Extensions

By: Guest Writer, Lanie Short

It’s the sweatiest part of summer deep in the heart of Texas and even waterproof mascara gets a little smudgy so I decided to try something that’s all the rage here: eyelash extensions.

I didn’t realize that non-celebrities could acquire these, so I typed it in to the computer and was presented with a list of hundreds of salons that only do lash extensions.  They range in price from about $89 to $400 for a starter set. I went to the first place that could get me in that wasn’t too far from home. I was presented with a waiver form thorough enough to be used before surgery, and got nervous. Would I get blinded by some of the scissors and tweezers I saw? What if my eyes get glued shut?  Then I remembered that beauty is pain and signed on the dotted line.

I was told to lie down on the massage table which was quite comfortable. Then the technician turned and said to look up at her. Then she put sticky pads on my lower inner rim. Not delightful, but it’s done. Forge ahead. I selected the “Queen Bee” set. Other options were “Shy Girl” (the least and shortest lashes – why bother?) and “Video Vixen” (long and longer and curly – enough said).

Here’s the low down on lash extensions:

1. Most eyelash extension procedures, like the one I had done, is not all were about snipping, tweezers and glue in the eyeball area. Surprisingly, it is pretty painless and is instantly glamourous!

2. The lash extensions are attached to your own lashes, similar to hair extensions. They are bonded with a semi-permanent adhesive that is safe for most people.  They come in human hair and even in mink (ergo the $400 pricetag) in many different lengths.

3. My hair is medium copper so I went ahead and got black eyelash extensions, but they come in lighter shades of brown for the fairest strawberry of us redheads.

4. You can sleep and shower with the extensions and humidity has no effect on them whatsoever.

Get ready to look lashtastic at all times. Not one of mine has shifted, come off, or had any issues at all.  I give eyelash extensions two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

When you’re looking for a lash salon be sure and ask if they have the shade you desire and give it a go. You won’t be able to stop batting your new eyelashes at everyone. Rock it like a Redhead!