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Famous Artist Miss Aniela Showcases Redhead Beauty

When you come across a Miss Aniela photography piece, you immediately think it is a painting from centuries ago and soon learn it was shot with a camera in the 21st century. The art forces you to stare in awe.

London-based photographer Natalie Dybisz, better known as Miss Aniela, has amassed a wide collection of images that present a cohesive collaboration of fashion and fine art, blurring the lines between the two. She beautifully creates photos that resemble paintings with the hope of elevating the human imagination. Her work captures more than just literal reality by merging art and camera technology as a medium. Miss Aniela’s photography art began in 2006 while at university and since then, her work has been exhibited in the US and Europe. As a fine-art fashion photographer, her work as an artist is built on color and the ability to use it to transport both the subjects and the audience to strange lands of the imagination.

Mostly all of her work captures the beauty of a redhead with a strong message behind every body of work. Miss Aniela told My Modern Met Magazine, “I like the weirdness of a painting of an animal interacting with a photograph of a real woman; it is as if to say, this interaction is not pretending to be real – the point is about bringing art forms together, my modern-day fashion photo and the brushstrokes made by a hand that is hundreds of years deceased.” 

Her work has been viewed by millions online, exhibited in galleries and fairs worldwide, and she has been described as a “star” by both American Photo and Photoicon.

But, why does she choose redheads in her pieces?

“Models are interesting because they are posing for your purpose, but on the other hand, the models I choose have to also deliver their personalities in a way that reshapes the final outcome. They have a tremendous job being on their feet, usually in high heels with a garment that is hard to work in, ” says Miss Aniela for The Fashion Shoot Experience Documentary.

Redheads do have the best personalities! We can see why she chooses female redheads as her “muse” for most of her work. See some her art behind the The Fashion Shoot Experience‘ series here:














What’s next do you ask? This year, Miss Aniela will be expanding ‘The Fashion Shoot Experience‘ by including an outdoor fashion shoot in Iceland. See it all at Miss Aniela limited edition prints can be viewed and purchased on Saatchi Online.