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Why Every Redhead Should Have a Cape In Her Closet This Fall

An excuse to channel Merida from "Brave" every day!

By: Samantha Priestley

We’re not talking about superhero capes here – although who doesn’t love a good super-cape? No, I’m talking more along the lines of hardwearing items of beauty made for roaming the heath and the rocky rugged land of Ireland and Scotland, more like Merida in Disney’s Brave, or a female character in Highlander.

Us redheads love this time of year. How couldn’t we? It’s Redhead Season!

We don’t have to worry about the sun burning our delicate skin, or showing our porcelain white legs in shorts and above the knee skirts. And we get to wear our favorite tones, and pick out the items from our wardrobe that complement our complexion and red hair.

We can even take this a step further and choose items that celebrate our heritage. Like tweed, plaid, and other traditional Celtic fabrics. Okay, we’re not all from Celtic ancestry, but many of us still identify with this common bond, and even if we don’t, redheads still look great in plaid and tweed.

One of the best uses of these fabrics for this time of year is the cape. They are versatile and practical, and they look and feel amazing.

Get inspiration below for your cape this fall:

1. Donegal Tweed:

This historic fabric is still woven in Donegal, Ireland, today and still uses the original designs first made by Donegal fishermen 150 years ago. How’s that for historic fashion? The two distinctive designs of this traditional material are Salt and Pepper, which features flecks of color running through the fabric on a plain background; and Herringbone, which was inspired by the shape of fish bones. Put this fabric on a cape and you have an item of clothing that’s practical, historic, and stylish.

..It’s also very Mary Poppins! And best of all, grays, browns, heather purple, and camel, look fantastic as a backdrop to beautiful red hair.

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2. Cape Blazer

If you’re looking for a Cape that will go with just about anything, choose a cape blazer. It can be paired with work attire, jeans and even shorts on those warmer autumn days.

BOOHOO Maya Cape Blazer
BOOHOO Maya Cape Blazer

3. Long Cape Jacket

This is a wow-look! You can pair a long cape jacket with just about anything and turn your outfit into magic. For a bigger statement, choose a ‘Redhead Friendly’ shade like this burnt cranberry.

Lavish Alice on The Fly Jacket, NastyGal
Lavish Alice on The Fly Jacket, NastyGal

4.  Cropped Cape Jacket

Tops are cropped in the summer, so why not crop your cape too? Cropped capes can come in an array of different fabrics, but for the fall season, choose a thicker texture for a trendy look. And do not be afraid of wearing red! It’s the perfect color for the fall/winter months and looks stunning on redheads.

Aquilano Rimondi Cropped Cape Jacket
Aquilano Rimondi Cropped Cape Jacket

5. High End Structured Cape

Girls can dream right? If you’re looking to splurge on fall clothing, this is IT. It’s structured, perfect length and is truly timeless.

Alexander McQueen Stand-Collar Textured Cape Jacket
Alexander McQueen Stand-Collar Textured Cape Jacket

The beauty of a cape is the ability to accessorize it too. You can wear a waist belt, bracelets and necklaces to show it off. Which cape is your favorite? Rock it like a Redhead!