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Carmina Alvarez

Fall 2012: Hot Nail Polishes for Redheads

By: Carmina Alvarez

Fall is finally here. It is my favorite season and every new season means new nail polish. As the leaves begin to change color, we say goodbye to summer neons and corals; and hello to dramatic, dark, sophisticated and metallic shades. Here some of the best “redhead friendly” colors for this glorious season:

1. Reds: Deep burgundies, deep reds and rusty oranges are red hot this season. Tip: Do not match your nail color with red clothes and your red hair or else it will be red overload.

2. Blues: Choose navy blues that look like the ocean during the night time. This color is a great choice if you don’t want to go black but still want a dark color. Tip: Add a glossy top coat for a perfect finish.

3. Metallic: Opt for bold metallic shades that resemble the shininess of costume jewelry.

4. Greens: This is a staple “redhead friendly” color, but moody greens is the color to choose this season- it is a perfect shade for redheads!

5. Grays: Deeper grays are really in this season and will add an edginess to your look.

6. Neutrals: Go chic with warm creams and melting golds.

Which colors are you rockin’ this redhead season?