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Maddy Richards

Fair Skinned Ladies: Sunscreen Tips to Wear It Well

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By: Maddy Richards

The sun is coming and we all know what that means: SUNBURN. As redheads, our extra sensitive skin makes sunscreen a must-have. As the sun comes out, so do harmful UV rays that leave our fragile skin bright red, peeling, and downright uncomfortable.

Here are sunscreen tips to help kick off spring, and make sure that the sunshine peeking out doesn’t become a huge pain (literally!).


1. Use foundation or moisturizer with sunscreen in it. A nice SPF 10-15 with your makeup is a perfect way to make sure that you have basic coverage, and could be the reason you don’t turn in to red-nosed Rudolph in April.

2. Spray sunscreen on your hair part. If you have a part in your hair, make sure it gets covered with sunscreen. The tops of our heads are over-exposed to sun, and making sure your scalp is covered will ensure it’s not painful to brush your hair the next day.

3. “If it’s cloudy, I don’t need sunscreen.” WRONG WRONG WRONG. Just because it’s overcast, raining, or even snowing doesn’t mean that you don’t need sunscreen. I recommend wearing face sunscreen every single day, and if you aren’t covered up by sleeves or pants, make sure you are covered.

4. Reapply. Make sure you put on a new coat of sunscreen every few hours, and more often if you’re swimming. Don’t just think that once is good, take a minute to grab your snack, check your phone, and reapply your sunscreen. If you’re forgetful, use a product like Sunscreen Bands. You simply put a band on your wrist & it will tell you when your time in the sun is done! A redhead’s dream.

5. Use a high enough SPF. For going to work and having a normal day, the SPF in your makeup will probably be good enough. If you’re spending the day outdoors, this is not going to work. Put a higher SPF everywhere, including more on your face pre-makeup. Don’t get caught in the sun, and be found redhanded (and faced) the next day!


As the sun is chasing the winter away, make sure you’re prepared to sunscreen up, and keep your redhead skin healthy and beautiful this summer!

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