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Tested & Approved: The 6 Best Face Masks for Redheads

Everyone’s got it: that one beauty product that overflows our medicine cabinets, that you’re constantly buying variations of, no matter how much you’ve already got at home. For me, that product is face masks.

Masks are super appealing to me for a few reasons. One, they’re fast.  Mere minutes to better skin? Sign me up. Two, the variety is huge. There is always a new mask coming out to address one skin issue or another. Three, masks are instant gratification. No waiting weeks or months to see a slow, imperceptible change in your skin.  You put it on, wipe it off, and see results immediately. What could be better?

Redheads tend to have sensitive, easily aggravated skin (at least this redhead does), so it’s important to be careful with the masks you choose.  Luckily for you, I’ve field tested 6 masks that are perfect for a redhead’s skin. Of course, you should always patch test a mask before committing to the whole face–your skin might react differently than my own. With that in mind, read on for my redhead-approved masks:


1. Origins Drink Up! 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin, $25:

Good For – when your skin feels like the Sahara and is flaky, itchy, or red.
Use It – as often as you’d like!
Pro Tip – it says 10 minutes are all you need, but sometimes if my skin is extra parched, I’ll leave it on for longer, and then tissue off instead of rinsing off with water.

2. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, $55:

Good For – when your skins looking dull and congested
Use It – once a week
Pro Tip – I felt like my skin was actually glowing after using this the first time. It can be a bit tingly on more sensitive skin types, so adjust how long you leave it on according to how you feel. This mask is also all-natural, a nice feature!

3. Fresh Sugar Face Polish, $62:

Good For – when you need serious exfoliation without drying out your skin
Use It – 3+ times a week
Pro Tip – true, not a mask by name, but the instructions tell you to leave this scrub on your face for 10 minutes or so after scrubbing. My dermatologist recommended this to me when I asked for a serious exfoliator that wouldn’t dry me out. Leaving it on for a bit really locks in the moisture, and (bonus!) it smells like dessert.

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4. Mario Badescu Drying Mask, $18:

Good For – spot treating breakouts
Use It – sparingly! When a zit rears its ugly head or you feel extra oily
Pro Tip – I usually keep the application to spots that are already broken out because this mask is indeed quite drying.

Sometimes I’ll slap it on a zit and leave it on overnight for maximum shrinkage power.

5. Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask, $20:

Good For – giving your skin a breather from drying acne products
Use It – 2-3 times a week
Pro Tip – you only need the thinnest layer of this heavy duty mask; too overzealous an application can leave a film on the skin.

6. First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask, $30:

Good for – banishing blackheads and oil without over-drying
Use It – once a week
Pro Tip –  After fully dry, you slooowly peel this baby off, and with it comes blackheads that you can see (ew! But also, yesss!). if you like those pore strips, or are secretly satisfied when your sunburn peels (come on, we’ve all been there), this mask will be a favorite. Even better, it doesn’t dry or irritate sensitive skin like some acne-focused masks.

What are some of your favorite face masks? Let us know in the comments below.

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