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Interview with Three-Time Golden Globe Award Winner, Joanna Cassidy

Redhead celebrity Joanna Cassidy is winner of three Golden Globe Awards, a Canadian Screen Award and a two-time Primetime Emmy Nominee. The famous redhead actress has appeared in hundreds of television series and movies. She is known for her roles in “Blade Runner,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?,” “Six Feet Under” and the current hit, “Bones.”

Off-camera, Joanna is devoted to her art (painting, sculpting) and is a dedicated animal activist as well as golfer and antique collector. She presently resides in Los Angeles with her dogs.

She sat down with How to be a Redhead to discuss her successful career, red hair and beauty secrets.

H2BAR: Did you always know you were going to be an actress?

JC: No, not at all. I wanted to be a scientist or an artist. I sort of strolled into it from modeling, which is funny how it all started. I came to Los Angeles and in between modeling chores and occasional commercial gigs, I began working as an actress and was cast in many roles; some being Steve McQueen’s thriller “Bullitt” and my first co-starring role opposite George C. Scott in the offbeat comedy caper “Bank Shot.”

H2BAR: What do you love most about being an actress? 

JC: The fun times on set.

H2BAR: You must get your hair and make-up done on set a lot. What is your go-to makeup and hair look while you are on and off set?

JC: Makeup is heavier on set for digital cameras and that’s why I have to wear a lot more. At home, I go very natural and never wear base makeup.

H2BAR: In some roles you play a blonde and others you play a redhead. How do you switch up your makeup for each color?

JC: When I am back to my natural red roots, I choose darker red lipsticks.

H2BAR: On the hit HBO TV series “Sex Feet Under” you played the feisty Margaret Chenowith. You worked with two other redheads on set, Lauren Ambrose and Frances Conroy. Tell us about that experience! 

JC: I loved all the redheads on that show! Both Lauren and Frances are wonderful actresses and are very passionate.. it must be because of their red hair [Joanna jokes].

H2BAR:  What “redhead friendly” color is found most in your wardrobe? 

JC: Indigo blue.

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H2BAR: What products are a must for your everyday life? 

JC: Yonka Skincare products are fantastic. I also love Jan Marini‘s sunscreen.

H2BAR: What’s your favorite actress role? 

JC: It’s a tough question! It’s a toss up between “Six Feet Under” and “Call Me Fitz” which is on HBO in Canada. In “Call Me Fitz,” I play this outrageous mother and it’s a really fun role.

H2BAR: What is one makeup product that you will buy over-and-over again?

JC: As all redheads know, filling in the brows is a must and Maybelline has a great selection of brown eye pencils

H2BAR: What’s in store for you for the remainder of 2013 and 2014?

JC: I am quite busy! I have two films coming out and “Bones” just renewed its ninth season which will premiere on September 16, 2013. I also have an independent film that will be released in 2014. 

H2BAR: Why do you love being a redhead?

JC: I have natural redish-brownish hair and the color suits my eyes very well. I am a redhead! It’s my personality. It’s all of me.

H2BAR: What advice do you have for women who want to be an actress like you? 

JC: My advice is to be good and be persistent, but most of all, you have to be good.