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Exclusive Interview with Renowned Skin Care Expert, Susan Ciminelli

She exclaimed, "I am like a redhead! I am extremely sensitive to smell, taste and food."

Susan Ciminelli, America’s skin guru, is the founder of The Susan Ciminelli Spa in Midtown Manhattan, New York.Years ago, when she hit the streets of New York City she instantly drew a celebrity crowd because everyone wanted in on her outer radiance secret; which is known all over the world as “The Susan Ciminelli Glow.”

She is a true pioneer of holistic beauty and health and H2BAR had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with her to learn how we can all have amazing skin too.

She exclaimed, “I am like a redhead! I am extremely sensitive to smell, taste and food.”

H2BAR: How did you get into the beauty/skin industry?

SS: As a young girl, I would get rashes and skin irritations if I did “normal things,” like use a paper napkin or do dishes. At the age of 15, I developed an ulcer that affected my skin. It was discovered that my skin issues were due to digestion problems because of stress!

Once I discovered the origin of my own skin issues and began studying the body, I would look at other people’s skin issues and would automatically know what was causing them. So, out of necessity, I was self taught.

H2BAR: Do you recommend any at home remedies to better the skin?

SS: Make sure to incorporate water with fresh lemons and eat lots of celery! Both will naturally cleanse and detox your body; you’ll notice the difference in your skin within days after adding them to your diet.

H2BAR: Any skin care advice for redheads with sensitive skin?

SS: My skin was so sensitive, so I know what redheads go through! Sensitive skin is the inspiration behind making my own pure, all natural skin products.

H2BAR: With the changing of seasons, do you recommend redheads change up their skin routine?

SS: During the fall/ winter months, it is essential to use a heavier moisturizer than in the spring/summer months. I recommend using my Very Berry Serum underneath your moisturizer. It contains berries from the Amazon and contains an antioxidant to prevent cancer.

H2BAR: Who is your favorite female celebrity client?

SS: Jennifer Lopez. She is truly the hardest working, centered woman I have ever met. Her life is so fulfilled and her skin is beautiful because of it.

H2BAR: What is your favorite philosophy that you live by?

SS: Whatever it takes to live a conscious, good life- get there. That is where you will find true happiness and great skin!

Picture Credit:  © Susan Ciminelli, Pictured with Martha Stewart