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Everyone’s Doing It. Does Liposonix Really Work to Reduce Fat?

By: Dr. Leslie Baumann M.D. 

Liposonix uses focused ultrasound beams to target intense heat at a depth of 1.4cm to a specific area of fat.

The heat liquefies the fat, which your body slowly absorbs over an 8 week period.  Clinical research trials showed that after one treatment, most patients lose an inch (one clothing size) of fat.  We have seen in our practice that most patients lose 2- 4 inches after one treatment.

The treatment itself takes about an hour.

It’s important to know that the treatment itself can be somewhat painful. Most patients opt to take a generic prednisone over the counter prior to the procedure. The good news is that the pain is intermittent and only lasts for 45 seconds during the pulsed delivery of ultrasound. Each treated area (about 2 square inches) requires 3 pulses.  The larger the treated area is, the more pulses are required.

The pain immediately subsides as soon as the treatment is over. For the week or so after treatment, skin is bruised and sore.

Patients who have had the treatment equate the feeling to the soreness experienced after a moderate workout. However, patients can get back to their regular activities immediately. Anyone who’s pregnant or who’s had a hernia on the abdomen is not a candidate, and scars or tattoos on the abdomen may pose an issue, but this can be addressed on a case-by case basis.

As opposed to the other at reducing procedure son the market, this one really works It hurts and it is expensive, but you will lose at least an inch after a one hour treatment.