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Eat Your Way To A Natural Tan With These Foods (Seriously!)

Update on 5/15/2018

As spring reaches its peak and temperatures soar, it is more important than ever to stay protected from the sun.

Redhead locks typically coat ivory colored skin which produces less melanin, making it more susceptible to skin cancer – the #1 form of cancer in the United States. YIKES!

However, you can still achieve a healthy summer glow without having to sacrifice your health.

An alternative (aside from sunless tanner) is eating certain foods that actually make your skin tan from within.

A recent study proved that people who ate mostly fruits and vegetables had more of a healthy looking golden hue than they did when they actually had a suntan.

Why? Certain fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, when frequently consumed these antioxidants are stored in the fat just below skins surface adding a glow to pigmentation actually mimicking a tan. Plus, they prevent wrinkles, improve eyesight, strengthen the immune system and can’t hurt our dress size!

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Here are some foods listed and the antioxidant they contain to bring out the golden hue in you:

1. Carrots (alpha-carotene)

2. Spinach (beta-carotene)

3. Tomatoes (lycopene)

4. Plums (carotenoid)

5. Cantaloupe (beta-carotene)

6. Oranges (alpha-carotene)

Experts say, it takes approximately two months to notice results and more than 1 serving per day, so eat up. Have you tried this? Rock it like a Redhead!