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Easy Beauty Resolutions All Redheads Can Keep

By: Jacqueline Arthur 

It is 41 days into 2014 and let me guess, you already pushed some of your New Year beauty priorities to the curb. Here are some resolutions that will be easy for you to keep. Your red hair and fair skin will thank you:

1. SKIN: The winter months can be tough on your sensitive skin, redheads. To keep our faces feeling happy, it’s time we all invested in a little bit of skin TLC. By investing in a good beauty routine, we can help keep our skin shining  throughout the darkest dismal days. My new 2014 discovery has been the Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser. It smells wonderful, doesn’t dry out the skin, and leaves the face soft and supple ready to head out into  the elements. It is also the perfect product for the run-around redhead because not only does it remove makeup, but it cleanses and tones well too.

2. WATER: I’m sure you have all heard me say this enough, but I will say it again: water is the best beauty product you can invest in.  By increasing our intake of water each day, not only does it mean we stay hydrated and highly functional, but it also has resonating repercussions on the state of our skin and hair too. Since the start of the new year I have been drinking at least 4 glasses a day, and I’m already noticing a change. My hair seems shinier and my skin is  clearing up amazingly. Water really is the best beauty secret out there. And it’s absolutely free.

3. HEALTHY HAIR: We all know it’s important to deep condition your hair. Have you still found that your hair has become brittle and dry in the winter months? Now’s the time to kiss it better and treat it to some extra-moisturizing hair products. Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo at  least once a week to really work on those tangles, tame your tresses, and get rid of any product build up.

4. SMILE: Sometimes, when the weather is horrid outside and all you want to do is stay in bed, snuggled under a blanket,  it can be really difficult to stay positive. But smiling – even if it’s just once – can do wonders. Not only does it instantly make you feel better, but it releases endorphins, instantly injecting us with that feel-good factor. For us  rockin’ Redheads, a smile will mean those around us instantly will notice our luscious locks, making those red   tresses of ours stand out even more.   So go on, put on your favourite lipstick (I’m loving my Soap and Glory Fabulipstick in Naked Beige at the moment) and smile on.

Rock it like a Redhead!





Photo Credit: (c) How to be a Redhead. Model Credit: Jenna Clayton. Kara Kochalko Photography