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Dyeing to Keep Your Hair Red?

By: Heather Lieber

…there’s another way!

As a proud redhead, the question “Is that your natural hair color?” has always been my favorite question to hear from strangers. The fact that there is something about myself that amazed others has always made me feel special. And then one day, the unimaginable happened; someone called to me with, “Hey Blondie”.

I thought, “There’s no way that was aimed at myself!” I realized the person was looking right at me waiting for a response. I responded with, “I’m a redhead!”

What was happening to my natural red hair? After days of starring at my hair in the mirror, I ran to my salon to interrogate their master colorist. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, that punch of red was fading and I really didn’t want to dye my hair. I did my research and discovered a solution waiting for everyone at your local salon. The process is called “Demi-Permanent”. Without permanently changing your hair, a Demi-Permanent treatment will enhance your natural red hair, restoring the fire in your color. Unlike harsh dyes, there’s no damage or breakage to your locks.

Using any color-safe, sulfate-free, color-depositing shampoo can keep your color for up to three months, until the enhanced color gradually fades out back to your natural hair. No weird discolored streaks, or anything to suggest that your hair color isn’t natural.

While there are special kits available for the do-it-yourself crowd, I suggest going to your local salon and have a professional take care of you — at least for the first go around. Getting a Demi-Permanent treatment for my hair was a great choice for me. I’m still a natural redhead, but now I actually have control over how my color looks, and I haven’t had a dull hair day since.

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Photo Credit: (c) How to be a Redhead. Pictured: Stephanie Vendetti, Co-Founder. Sara Jane Case Photography