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Don’t Let The Summer Fun Get Your Hair Down

As the summer wears on, you may have noticed that your hair has suffered from all that fun in the sun. Here are four fabulous summer hair repair tips and products that will get your ginger locks back to good:

1. Dry hair is the number one issue redheads face towards the tail end of the summer because of the time spent in the sun. If your hair feels dry and even crunchy, use an intense hydrating mask like Moroccan Oil Mask on a weekly basis.

Tip: For seriously damaged hair, try this pro trick: After shampooing, apply the mask. Step out of the shower and blast hair with a blow dryer set on medium heat to help the hair expand, allowing the product to penetrate the hair shaft. Once your hair is warm, let the mask set for another 10 minutes then rinse.

2. We all adore beach days but the salt, sun and even chlorine from pools can cause our lovely ginger locks to fade or even turn brassy, so to restore your color to its former glory, head to your local salon for a gloss or glaze treatment. But if you are counting your pennies, a less costly method is to purchase quality products that will restore the tone of your original hue while adding shine. Try: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.

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3. We redheads never leave home without applying sunscreen to our skin, so also make it a habit to always apply a UV blocking styling product to your tresses before heading outdoors. Try: Kiehl’s Leave In Conditioner.

4. If your hair seems frizzier now then it did when summer started, it’s probably due to humidity and damage caused by those pesky UV rays. It’s a good idea to change out your regular styling products for a “straightening balm” like Redken Straight 06 Balm. This product works if you wear your hair wavy or curly because such products work to smooth your hair’s cuticle so that it looks smoother and less frizzy not matter what style you Rock!

5. Finally, all that summer fun probably has left you with a head full of split ends; these little broken hairs can be caused by many things we do during the warm weather including wearing a pony to beat the heat! The only effective remedy to combat the hated spilt end dilemma is a full head trim from your stylist. If you don’t want to sacrifice length, speak your hairstylist’s “native language” and ask them to “tip the ends” ( translation: taking a tiny bit off the ends of your entire head of hair to remedy split ends and promote healthy growth while saving your length). You’ll leave with bouncy, healthy looking hair!

With these summer repair tips, you’ll enjoy the dwindling days of summer while protecting your crowning glory.

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