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Don’t Forget to Put Sunscreen On These Five Areas

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With the summer months here, many people forget to apply sunscreen on certain areas. We talked with the founder of Goddness Garden Organic Sunscreen about where people forget to apply sunscreen and some important sun tips for redheads this summer. “I started Goddess Garden organic sunscreen about ten years ago and I work with dermatologists very often. Everyone should reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours if you wear SPF 30 and every 1-2 hours if you wear SPF 15,” said Nova Covington. “It is important to stay covered as much as possible as well.”

What are the most important areas should people NEVER forget to apply sunscreen?

1. Lips

2. Ears- Especially the tops and backs of ears

3. Under chin

4. Tops of feet and toes

5. Back of heels: Along the tendons, bottoms of feet, scalp regardless of hair or not, buttocks if wearing a swimsuit.

Redheads, to be safest, Nova recommends wearing sunscreen that uses zinc and titanium because it provides broad spectrum protection and it uses minerals that reflect UV rays, rather than chemicals that absorb UV rays. She continues, “For women with sensitive skin, don’t leave the house without 75 SPF or higher. On delicate areas, like under the eyes, use moisturizer and sunscreen of 20-30. Once a week, use a gentle body scrub all over to cleanse your pores and let your skin breathe overnight.”


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