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Don’t Compromise Your Red Hot Relationship – Cooperate!

By: Natasha Holler

Rocking redheads have an abundance of fabulous qualities – qualities that can make those who aren’t blessed with red roots turn green with envy. If we are known for one not-so-fab characteristic, it’s our tempers. If we’re known for two… it’s our stubbornness!

Don’t think of it as being stubborn… redheads just know what they want, and then are determined to get it; we’re decisive, and that’s a good thing! However, when we share our space with our better half, our assertiveness can be a bit overwhelming. Most people will tell you that you have to compromise to keep your relationship healthy and happy – but redheads aren’t like most people, are we?

The art of compromise is like walking a tightrope: if you lean too far in one direction, you’re going to be miserable, but if you lean too far the other way, your significant other will. “Compromising” can be synonymous with “conceding” – so think of it instead as “cooperation.” If you can cooperate with your partner, you can generally avoid any animosity and feeling like a martyr. The best way to do that – and you’ve heard it before – you’ve got to communicate.

If you and your significant other can have an open line of communication, a lot of agreements can be made without either one of you having to sacrifice anything… but that won’t always be the case. Every relationship can (and will) come to some sort of stalemate on any given issue, but you have the tools to cope… just make sure you pick your battles wisely. There’s no need to start a war or have an in-depth discussion over which restaurant to go to on Friday night, since that type of compromise isn’t going to change or harm your core being. These little concessions are the foundation of any relationship. Bigger issues such as relocating for a job, vacation planning, or where to spend a holiday can usually be solved by discussion and reciprocity.

On the other hand, stand up for your convictions. If the ultimate solution to a problem is going to change a meaningful part of who you are, that’s not a solution – it’s an even bigger problem! If you over-accommodate, your partner can start to take advantage of you without even knowing it, because you’re not sharing your true feelings… and then you’ll harbor negative feelings toward them. A relationship is a partnership, and you can’t negotiate your way into a successful one!

When crimson beauties like yourselves master that art of cooperation, you’ll be able to grow into an even better version of yourself (if that’s even possible!) and you’ll start to discover new and wonderful things about your partner, no matter how long you’ve known each other.

Do you red ladies have any compromise horror or success stories?