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Does Bleach Bath Therapy Work on Redhead Babies/Toddlers?

Could this relieve atopic dermatitis?

If you’re a parent struggling with your redhead baby or toddler’s atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema), you may have heard of bleach bath therapy. If there were ever two words you wouldn’t want to hear in the same sentence, it’s baby and bleach. Here is what you need to know: 

What is bleach bath therapy?

Bleach bath therapy is an at-home treatment recommended by your dermatologist or health care provider. During bleach bath therapy, a small amount of bleach is added into the bathwater to help lessen the symptoms of chronic eczema. Bleach can kill the bacteria on the skin and help to reduce the redness, itching, and scaliness of the skin. 

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Is it safe for babies and toddlers?

You should never try bleach bath therapy without consulting your child’s doctor first, but if they recommend it, it should be safe for your child. You should consult your doctor for the exact amount of bleach to add and how diluted it should be. Additionally, you will want to ask your doctor the recommended amount of time to leave your child in the bleach bath and also how often to do bleach bath therapy

Bleach baths have trended on social media when Instagram account @tinyheartseducation, a parent named Nikki discussed how her young son has mild eczema and often suffers flare-ups that leave his skin red, dry and itchy.

Nikki said many people previously recommended she try giving him bleach baths – so she decided to find out more about them. She explains in her Instagram post how bleach kills bacteria causing eczema and the final bleach concentration in the bath is much lower than what you’ll find in your average swimming pool.

She went on to stress bleach baths should only be carried out after having a discussion with your child’s doctor about their eczema and if you give them a go, only straight bleach (4.2% sodium hypochlorite) should be used – nothing that has a fragrance such as lemon or lavender.

After all of the research, all you want to know is: does bleach bath therapy really work? And is it okay for redhead skin? 

If done correctly per the guidelines of a dermatologist or other health care provider, bleach bath therapy can be a very effective way to reduce the discomfort and pain associated with eczema. For maximum results, it’s suggested that bleach bath therapy be used in addition to medicated creams or other eczema relief products. Be sure to moisturize your child immediately after the bath to avoid additional dry skin

It’s hard to imagine bleach and redhead skin are a good combo, but science is showing it is. Would you try this?

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