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Tutorial: The Disheveled Braid for Redheads

A messy lower braid for any occasion:

Yesterday, we shared an easy inside out ponytail for National Love Your Red Hair Day (1 more day to go!) The disheveled fishtail braid is a great option because it looks flawless and is super easy.

Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. This kind of braid looks best with texture which is why clean hair is not always ideal — because the braid could come un-done. So, use a dry shampoo like Paul Mitchell Express Dry Wash. The formula instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent, but gives it some “give” too.


2.  Half the hair straight down the middle and hold apart.12212465_10205003043264287_2126991584_n

3. After dividing hair in half, take a small outer piece of one of the sections and cross it over the other section. Add it to the inside of the outer section.  12188434_10205003043424291_24325920_n

4. Next, make the exact same cross but on the other side. Take a small piece from the outer part and cross it over the inside of the other section. Note: Stick to smaller pieces, as they will make your fishtail braid look stellar. 12200502_10205003043384290_206908945_n


5. Do #3 &4 until you have reached the bottom of your hair. Secure with a redhead hair tie.

To make your fishtail disheveled, gently take a small piece of hair at the bottom and pull up. This will make it full and messy. Do this for every piece until you’ve achieved the right look.12202001_10205003043584295_697152832_n

The finished look! 12202207_10205003043544294_1021614333_n

You can also do this look with a french braid! Watch below: