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Discovery: Redheads Are More Honest Than Blondes & Brunettes

..Well, that is what Honest Tea concluded! It conducted a social experiment that examined the most honest cities in the U.S. The experiments were conducted by setting up unmanned pop-up stores in 30 US cities and asked people to pay $1 per bottle on the honor system.

We couldn’t help but dig more into this and discover why (or allegedly why) redheads are more trustworthy:

1. Redheads Have More “Time in Bed”: It has also been discovered that red hair is attention-grabbing, rare and it is said that the color red arouses people more than any other color.  According to research, redheads “get it on” more often than their blonde and brunette friends. In the press release for the study, it stated, “The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation.” This time would put a smile on anyone’s face; potentially leading to a friendly, trustworthy disposition.

2. Red Hair May Be Good for Your Bones: Although it is always recommended that redheads wear lots of sunscreen to prevent skin from skin cancer or aging, scientists have found that fair skin actually soaks up more vitamin D. This vitamin is needed for bone health and could potentially prevent cancers; it is also known to boost happiness levels for people who suffer with Seasonal Depression Disorder (SDD). Perhaps it is because redheads soak up more vitamin D that they are happier and even more trustworthy.

3. Redheads Are Not Going Extinct: Redheads can rejoice, it doesn’t look like gingers are going to be endangered anytime soon. The redhead population is too large to be gone for forever. A genetics professor at Stanford University told The Boston Globe“Red hair may become more rare, but they’ll be here forever.” For the day that this extinction comes true, redheads should (and are) be making a stamp on society so all gingers can be remembered as being genuine, trustworthy people!

4. Some Redhead Stereotypes Are True: Some stereotypes are: fiery, spunky, wild, sassy, fun and others are, honest, loyal and trustworthy. We are sure you all have met redheads that fit in all of these categories, but if the Honest Tea study is true, you probably have a very trustworthy redhead friend (or pray that you soon will- the word on the street is that they are the best kind of friend!).

UPDATE: August 17, 2017, Since 2013, Honest Tea has overwhelmingly named redheads as the most honest! Their 8th Annual National Honesty Index will be announced soon.

If this study is correct or just plain ol’ fun, we want to know:

Why do you think redheads are classified as “more trustworthy?”

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