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Dip Into Nordic Spas: A Must for Redheads

By: Rebecca Leslie

If you live in an area where long, harsh winters are promised every year, keep in mind that redheads need to take extra special care of their lush locks and often ornery skin- especially those of us that live in cold regions like Quebec, Canada. And although this summer has smiled upon us in the most delightfully sunny ways, we are too well aware of the boreal blues that loom on the icy horizon.

What? July has barely ended and we’re talking about winter? Pfft. 

Quebec redheads don’t wait for summer bonfires to die down or fall leaves to be raked in order to indulge in the traditional winter activity of Nordic spas. Could it be the simple break in our daily routine? Or the deer wandering up to the outdoor pools while we’re dipping? Or maybe it’s the actual medical advantages to the ancient practise of hydrotherapy? Regardless of the reason, Quebec redheads swear by Nordic Spas no matter the season.

Nordic means, ‘Of, relating to, or characteristic of Scandinavia or its peoples.’ A Nordic Spa is known as a healing spa and is made up of balmy freshwater, Finnish saunas, eucalyptus steam baths, icy cold basins.. and more! This type of healing spa is also known as hydrotherapy.

Tip: When visiting a Nordic Spa, alternate several times between thermal extremes over the course of a few hours and you will be left feeling invigorated and ready for anything. Circulation is improved, blood flow nourishes our tired muscles and a natural blush happily returns to our fair cheeks. In just one visit, your red hair will be benefited from a deep rinse and your lips will be naturally plumped like the beautiful Christina Hendricks. 

Hydrotherapy is a well-known indulgence in Quebec, but we most certainly do not hold the monopoly. Nordic Spas are becoming more and more accessible across North America. And at affordable day rates ($30-60!), we redheads owe it to our hair, skin and peace of mind to find the spa closest to us!