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December 2018 H2BAR Box Review

A value of $90+!

December is the time for everything joyful –– decorated trees, sparkly lights and holiday music. It is also the time when our body, skin and red hair need a little extra TLC. Plus, our redhead makeup may need a little extra *pop* for all those holiday parties and photos. This month’s redhead H2BAR Box gave us all that…plus more.

1.Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish in Red ($17)

Nothing screams festive nails like a good, shiny, red manicure! This ‘redhead friendly’ polish not only looks fabulous but is also packed with ingredients like tea tree oil, biotin and garlic bulb extract for extra strength. The formula does not contain formaldehyde, which is why both doctors and customers love it so.


2. Bed Head by TIGI Glow Up Selfie Light ($18)

Anyone who wants to take a good selfie knows the importance of good lighting. Use this little gem on your phone to keep your selfies looking fabulous. Just light, clip and click!


3. Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray ($7)

Boost your red waves and curls with a spritz or two of this hair helper to regain that oomph. To help lock in your hairstyle (and give you some volume), you can lightly spray your damp hair before styling.

4. Impäkt Organic Skincare Glossing Lip Treatment ($4)

This is a great time of year to realize that big things can come in small packages. And this is one of them! This gem not only gives your lips flavor and shine but also gives them the nutrition they need. My favorite is the raw cocoa. It has a natural sweetness to it that also contains the benefits of South American raw cocoa — repairs skin damage, increases blood flow, delivers antioxidants and protects against future damage. And don’t forget the added benefit of an SPF of 30+!

5. Leven Rose Jojoba Oil ($12)

Jojoba oil is great because it mimics the natural oil (sebum) in our skin and hair better than any other oil. Even those with sensitive skin or oily skin can benefit from jojoba oil because it quickly and safely absorbs into the skin without clogging pores. A few drops from the dropper can help remove makeup, moisturize skin, treat hair before washing, condition lips and sooth the skin after shaving. A very natural addition to your beauty routine.

6. RG Cosmetics Red Kit Mask & Shampoo ($35)

If your natural red hair — or red hair by choice — needs a bright boost, this is a great combo to do just that. There are different ways you can use it (see their website for information) but I like the look I get when I mix it with my regular color-safe shampoo and conditioner. It keeps my red locks bright and shiny even longer, giving me some extra time in between salon visits.

*Do not use this product if you have highlights. Always start with a strip test.

7. 37 Actives High-Performance Anti-Aging & Firming Serum ($5)

If you are looking for a hard working, firming, anti-aging product and you have sensitive skin, you have found the product of your dreams. Many people either use too many individual products which can clog pores OR use a one, do everything item which usually contains something(s) that will irritate the skin. This serum seriously does the work of so many products. No more mixing or matching. Just one and done.

8. $10 Gift Card to the new H2BAR e-commerce shop

Looking to spoil your favorite redhead or treat yourself? You are sure to find something in the H2BAR store. Give a gift that says they are as special as red hair itself!

9. NIA24 Rapid Redness Recovery ($3)

This lightweight cream leaves a powder-like smooth finish while its ingredients work to help calm the redness in the skin. Use as a primer (before foundation) or to use at night to help calm the skin while you sleep.

The holiday season can be a crazy time. Take a deep breath, slow down and pamper your redhead self whenever possible.

Stay merry, bright and rock it like a redhead!

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