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Curly Redheads: How to Get the Perfect Hairstyle at Home

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My red hair is naturally curly and with the summer months approaching, it’s always important to know how to control and manage your red mane at home. I asked dutch hairstylist, Hansoe Venema, for advice on curly red hair & how to easily style it.

“From the people I have met, red hair is mostly curly or wavy, instead of sleek,” says Venema. “To nourish red hair, I’d advice to use a product thats main ingredient is oil. If you use a conditioner, the pH degree should lay under 4.7.”

When looking to see what your conditioner pH level is, it is usually on the back of the products near ingredients. If it’s not, buy test strips online or from beauty supply stores. Pour your liquid product into a glass, stick the test strip into the glass for the amount of time the box indicates. Remove the strip and compare it to the diagram to find the pH of the product. Make sure to discontinue the use of any product outside of the 4 to 7 pH range.

Vanema said, “Once you determine that you’re using the right products, it’s time to style. Marieke has beautiful red hair. Her face form is quite oval which makes it classic. To make it more spicy and trendy, I seperated the hair in the middle of the head. No volume works best with oval faces. I used a big round Chi brush with down movements for a great blow dry. Then, I used Sebastian’s Whipped Mousse and Sebastian Professional Potion 9 to give that silky feeling.”


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Photography: Konstantin Kipa, Hair: Hansoe Venema