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Celebrity Stylist: John Francis Dishes Hair Secrets for Redheads

John Francis is one of the most sought after editorial and celebrity stylists. He is very popular amongst redhead celebrities because he has a talent for enhancing the natural beauty of his clients, and it has made him an industry favorite. His work has graced the covers of Lucky, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Shape, Grazia and more, and he has collaborated with top photographers such as Nigel Barker, Matthew Rolston, Hedi Slimane and Andrew Macpherson.

We had the pleasure of speaking with John about his favorite redhead clients, best ‘redhead friendly’ products.. and more!

H2BAR: You’ve worked with tons of celebrities! Who has been your redhead celebrity to work on thus far?

JF: Lindsey Lohan [seen to the left] and Nicole Kidman.

H2BAR: What are some of your favorite styling products? 

JF: I am loving COLURE Products right now.

H2BAR: How about shampoo/conditioner?

JF: Whatever you chose make sure the product is sulfate-free so the color will not strip out as quickly and try not shampoo frequently. I often tell my clients, if they need to wash their hair try to use just water at times.

H2BAR: What’s the one hair product every redhead should own? 

JF: Use a protectant or a leave-in conditioner. Rene Furterer Okara Line is my top choice. It will help combat the sun from fading you hair and has a nice scent.

H2BAR: What’s your #1 styling tip for hairstyles to last all day and night? 

JF: Use the least amount of product necessary to achieve the look you’re going for. Too much product weighs the hair down and attracts dirt so it will not hold the style as long.

But it gives me leeway to speak my mind-4

H2BAR: What’s your #1 tip for attaining healthy, shiny red hair?

JF: Gloss, gloss and more gloss!!!  You can purchase one on at a beauty supply house, however you will always get a better quality gloss at the salon.

H2BAR: What’s the low-down on hair maintenance for a redhead who dyes her hair? 

JF: The #1 reason red hair fades is because hair is washed too often. Don’t wash it every single day! Give at least 3 days right after you dye your hair. Again just water is fine, but do not use any shampoo or conditioner. Next, use a protectant and a gloss to pop up the shine.

H2BAR: Last but not least, what do you personally love about redheads?!

JF: They usually come with fiery personalities.

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