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Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Redhead, Lauren Gott

How to be a Redhead had the distinct pleasure to interview Lauren Gott, celebrity makeup artist and redhead for the past thirteen years. She is known for her  flawless application, acute attention to detail, and unique amount of creativity!

H2BAR: What is the Lauren Gott story?

LG: I grew up in Louisiana. My home town is Lake Charles which is in the heel of the boot of Louisiana and right off the Gulf of Mexico.

Upon completion of high school I was asked to go to NYC to model with Wilhelmina Models; my older sister was a model and I believe she had inadvertently shown her booker a graduation photo of me. I thought the notion a joke due to my underwhelming height and childlike ballerina frame. I knew I would never be offered an experience quite like modeling again, so I bit the bullet and decided to spend what I thought would be a summer in NY. My academic aspirations to study medicine were soon put on the back burner when I made the tough decision to accept agency offers in Europe. I thought, school will always be there, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I can only do when I’m young. It’s baffling how one decision can alter your entire life and career course.

H2BAR: Has having red hair inspired your career as a makeup artist?

LG: Well, I suppose I would never have become a makeup artist had it not been for my red hair and coloring. This made me unique as a model and then also as one of the few makeup artists in the industry…believe me I can count them all on one hand, myself included.

H2BAR: Being a redhead is more than just a hair color, but a lifestyle! What does being a redhead mean to you?

LG: Redheads certainly stand out in a crowd! Let’s just say we wouldn’t make the best serial killers. All jokes aside, I think there is a lot of mystery and curiosity regarding redhead’s allure, demeanor, and sexuality. We are so few and far between that I do believe we all share an inherent connection.

I also believe we redheads are more sensitive in most respects whether it be to others, to pain, emotionally, or the sun for that matter.

H2BAR: What is your secret for keeping your red locks so beautiful?

LG: I have naturally wavy curls and generally do not heat style my hair. I wash, condition, and occasionally put in a leave in conditioner; I like paraben-free organic brands. I’ll sleep on it damp and scrunch it on my pillow. When I wake up, my hair is ready to go.

H2BARWhat is your number 1 beauty secret?

LG:Suncreen. I love the sun but the sun does not love me! DeVita Sunscreen is incredible, natural, and won’t clog your pores.

H2BAR: What makeup tips do you have for redheads?

LG: Keep it simple. Suncreen, concealer, lip balm, lip color which can also be used on the cheeks, and little mascara (curl the lashes first to open the eyes up).

H2BAR: You are a strong woman who has worked hard to succeed in your line of work. If you can give any advice to our redheaded readers, what would it be?

LG: If there is one trait we all have in common, it’s relentless, fiery, determination! Plant the right seeds, tend it, and watch your aspirations grow. It’s a often a long and arduous road, but, if you love what you do, it’s always worth it.

H2BAR: What does 2011/2012 have in store for Lauren Gott?

LG: Oh dear, I would love to be doing more makeup for beauty editorial and advertising. Beauty makeup is my passion and treats the face like a canvas which tends to be more whimsical and fun. I’ve been dividing my time between NY and LA; LA keeps me more busy with celebrity work.

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Photo Credit: © Lauren Gott