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Celebrity Bouffant Style: Get the Look

Rock big hair this redhead season

Lana Del Ray proves big hair is BEAUTIFUL, especially on redheads! Work your lovely red locks into a retro bouffant for your favorite autumn occasion and really stand out in a crowd. This trend has made a serious comeback and is the perfect alternative to the traditional up-do for any fall formal event.

We consulted hair extraordinaire and contributor Irene Bredthauer to share some beautiful bouffant secrets you won’t want to miss.

1. Start by using a large sized curling iron to add waves to the ends of the hair (Try: Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron). You can also use large rollers to set your hair while wet, or hot rollers (Try: T3 Voluminous Hair Rollers Set) while dry to add lots of curls to your hair. If you can handle putting rollers in your hair, go for that option because it will also help add some shape and volume to the roots.

2. Once your hair is wavy and curly to the texture of your liking, go through about two to three inch sections of hair at a time and spray them with a light hold hairspray (Try: Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray) to add some grip to your hair strands. Spray then brush out to break up the spray.

3. Grab your teasing comb (Try: Conair Slim Teasing Hair Brush)! Start about four or five inches back from your forehead on the top center of your head. Grab a half-inch by four-inch horizontal section of hair, hold it straight up and use a comb or a teasing comb to push hairs down to the roots to create a cushion. The more backcombing you do, the bigger the cushion and the higher the hair. Spray your section with a strong hold hairspray, move forward to the next section and repeat. Continue until you have teased the whole top of your head all the way up to your forehead.

4. You should look like a crazy mess by this point, so don’t be alarmed. Grab a soft bristled brush, start at the front and gently smooth hair up and back over the teasing you have created. Some of the teasing will come out, but your cushion will remain underneath for height because you will only be brushing out the very top layer to smooth out the hair. Take your time until you have a beautiful bouffant and then spray all over with a hairspray like, L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray for mega hold.

“This particular example is an extremely huge bouffant, so you may want to consider using a hairpiece to add even more volume,” says Irene. “Add some bold, blunt bangs to make this style perfect for more oval and longer shaped faces or add a headband to ‘up’ the retro feel.”

Why blend into the masses when you can stand out (literally!) in a crowd, right? A perfectly morphed red bouffant is sure to be your crowning glory at any special event this fall. Rock it like a Redhead!