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Celebrate National Apple Month With Redhead Style

October is National Apple Month! National Apple Month´s mission is to increase apple industry sales, and to enhance consumer awareness and usage of apples and apple products. So, when you’re purchasing your next colorful red or green apple, why not grab inspiration from its color for your wardrobe and overall look?

Red is a favorite color for many redheads, but don’t stop by just rockin’ the color on your head- amp it up in beauty and fashion, too. For lipsticks, choose bright, deep reds with “bluish” tones because it compliments most red hair and complexions. A great choice is Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani. Also opt for bright red nail polishes, jeans, hair accessories and purses! Tip: Never wear too much red and remember, less is more. If you wear a red lip and a red accessory, you shouldn’t wear the red jeans, too.

Green is one of the most complimentary colors for redheads! The color perfectly enhances red hair and ivory skin while still giving a pop of color. There are so many different shades of green and it’s easy to mix and match greens in your outfits. If you aren’t sure which green to pick for your next look, simply take inspiration from your apple!

Keep beautifully Red!