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Bundle Up In Style This Season

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By: Guest Writer, Janelle Driscoll


With the brisk weather quickly approaching, it’s time for us redheads to start bundling up in the most fashionable ways. Of course, we don’t want to hide away our fiery locks under dull hats, so I’ve pulled a few of my favorites from the shelves this season:

1. Fashionable Outing:

The dramatic floppy hat came back in a big way this fall, and it’s sticking around for a few more chilly months. This grey one is the perfect compliment to our red locks.

Recommendation: Deena  & Ozzy Felt Floppy Hat (Urban Outfitters)

2. Outdoor Ventures:

When you’re headed up to the mountains, this is the perfect accessory that’ll keep you warm & looking stylish.

Recommendation: Plaid Trapper Hat (Forever 21)

3. Daytime Cap:

A casual knitted beanie is perfect for running errands, while still maintaining a cute look.

Recommendation: Slanted Knit Beanie (Forever 21)

With these options you’ll be sure to top off any look – stay hot, redheads!


Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko,  © How to be a Redhead