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Brow Pimples: How to Avoid Them

Eyebrow pimples can be annoying and painful, but for many redheads, they are relatively common. This is because most of us fill in or tint our light brows regularly. Here’s what you can do to reduce your risk of getting brow pimples

Cleanse Your Brows

When washing your face, take a little extra time to wash your brows. Like the hair on your head, your brows can have build-up that causes clogged pores. Take a little of your facial cleanser and rub it into the brow hairs. You can even use a spoolie to brush it through. Then rinse and pat dry. 

Avoid Touching Your Brows

The oils and dirt from your hands can easily spread to your face and brows and cause blemishes. Try to avoid touching your face and specifically your brows as much as possible. Always use clean hands when grooming or applying makeup to your brows. 

Skip Pore Clogging Products

Products like brow wax are great for helping your brows hold their shape, but if your pores clog easily, they may cause breakouts. Opt for lighter products that won’t clog pores and always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Check the Expiration Date On Your Tint

The great thing about brow tint is you only have to use it every few weeks or even months, but this means it might expire and you won’t notice. Expired brow tints can cause irritation to the skin, so check the expiration dates

Ditch the Bangs

If you’re suffering from brow pimples regularly and you have bangs, it might be time for a new hairstyle. Having your bangs hanging near your brows could be transferring product, oil, and dirt that is causing the blemishes

Be Cautious With Plucking and Waxing

You can get ingrown hairs and irritation from both waxing and plucking, so be cautious and always use clean tools. If it becomes an ongoing problem, try laser hair removal or a hair removal cream instead.