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Bridal Body Makeover with Redhead Fitness Star

By: Celebrity Fitness Star, Sara Haley 

It’s wedding season and everyone is aiming to be in tip top shape for the summer months ahead. Depending on what part of the body you want to emphasize, this is a circuit that will get your body sleek, strong, and svelte in time for the big day. And, a reason for your red hair to stand out even more. Repeat 2-4 times through, time depending, for maximum results.

1. Shoulder Showcase: Show off those shoulders in your halter or strapless dress with this full-body exercise that targets the shoulders while whittling the waistline & working the legs & butt.


To do:


1. Holding one weight (or two) find your balance on your right leg with your left knee lifted. Press the weight(s) up above your head.

2. In one motion swing the weight down over your left leg as you rotate into a lunge.

3. As you go back to Part 1 make sure to press the weight back up overhead (through a bicep curl), rather than swinging it, to make sure you are really using your shoulder strength and not just momentum. Repeat 12-15 times on each side.

2. Beautiful Bridal Back: Your guests will have full view of your back during your wedding vows, so keep your back sleek & strong with this row challenge. Plus, the plank is better than any crunches you could ever do; it’ll help define your abs and keep your entire core strong.


To do:


1. Hold a 12-pound weight in each hand and begin in a plank (top of a push up) with the feet wide.

2. Alternate rowing one weight to your rib cage, keeping your hips square to the floor. Repeat 20 times (10 on each side).Modification: If you’re struggling to keep your hips level and steady, take it to your knees to help protect your low back.

3. Bridal Bootcamp Burpee: Keep that body sleek and strong with this full-body move that will get your heart rate up quickly (cardio) & help contribute to total-body-toning.


To do:


A. Begin by squatting with hands on the floor in front of you.

B. Jump your feet back to a push-up position (plank).

C. Using your upper body to push back up, return to squat position.

D. Jump up and clap your hands together. Repeat for Modification Options(s): 1. Walk feet out and in, instead of jumping back and forth. 2. Reach up instead of jumping up.

4. Wedding Dress Dips: Sculpt the back of your arms & trim the triceps in time for the big day, as you simultaneously challenge your core, glutes and hamstrings.


To do:


1. Sit with your hands behind your butt and your feet right under your knees, with your toes lifted off the floor. Hold on to your free weights (to help keep your wrists comfortable and stable) and lift your butt up off the floor.

2. Lower your body down by bending at the elbow (working the triceps).

3 & 4. After you push back up, keep your arms straight and walk your feet out and in (right, left, right, left). Lower back down into your dip. Repeat 10 times leading with the right leg and then 10 times leading with the left.

5. Hourglass Bicycles: Whittle your waistline & sculpt your obliques to show off that hourglass figure in your wedding dress.


To do:


1. Lying on your back, with your hands behind your head, pull your knees into your chest and lift your shoulders up of the floor.

2. As you slowly extend one leg out long, rotate your torso to the opposite leg (that’s still bent). Repeat on the the other side. Repeat 20 times (10 on each side).

6. Honeymoon Bikini Butt: Shuffle off the lingering pounds as you target the inner and outer thighs and butt for the best bikini pics of your life.

To do:


1 & 2. Staying on the balls of the feet, quickly step touch your feet together all the way to the right.

3. Touch down as you get to each side for added booty burn. Shuffle back to the left. This is one rep. Repeat for one minute.

For more workouts like this, check out Sara Haley’s website.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty, Brides Love, Pinterest & Sara Haley (c)