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Carmina Alvarez

Best Nail Polish Colors for Redheads this Spring

“As we welcome spring with open arms and slam the door on old man winter’s face, you may begin to ponder exciting ways to introduce color into your spring style. Nail polish is one of the most affordable and practical options for redheads to play with color, without committing to a full closet overhaul or investing a small fortune in a new makeup palette that may be oh so wrong.” – Kara Dunford, How to be a Redhead Writer 

“Nails for Spring 2014 are all about simplicity. Simple looking nails with a rounded short shape and simple DIY nail art are the biggest trends. As far as color goes, nails in soft metallics and water down creamy pastels are very big this season. But, we’re redheads. So, it’s always fun to do something crazy once in a while.” – Carmina Alvarez, How to be a Redhead Writer 

Taking cue from these trend informants, Kara and Carmina are going to delve into ROYGBIV’s playground and meet a few friendly hues ready to make an appearance this spring:



Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Pinterest