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Beach Fashion — Redhead Style

By: Guest Writer, Dawn Olson

Everyone has their favorite vacation destination. Some choose to go back to the same place every year, others try something new each time.

Some redheads even choose vacations based on if they want to be outdoors because they don’t want to sunburn!

My favorite place is the Dominican Republic. It has unending strips of heavenly powder soft white sand. The warm Caribbean breeze makes even the hottest days feel like heaven. I recently returned from a week long fun-filled vacation in Punta Cana and can’t wait to go back, again.

During my vacation in the Dominican Republic, I noticed a melting pot of beach fashion.

Locals tend to stay true to their Spanish influence and spring breaker’s spice of the beaches with many different looks and styles.

I am your typical ghostly pale, freckled-skinned redhead that has learned to use beach fashion as inspiration, choose colors that compliment my hair and pass on non- “redhead friendly” choices.

Are you traveling to a beach this summer? Take my suggestions:

1. Protect Your Skin: Of course, wear plenty of sunscreen and if traveling to places like the Dominican Republic, a hat paired with rockin’ sunglasses is always fashionable and chic!

2. Bright, Deep-Toned Colors: If you’re rocking a bathing suit or pullover, I love deep, rich colors. My go-to bathing suit is a deep reddish-coral, multi-color 2-piece bikini from Victoria’s Secret.

3. Choosing The Right Color for YOU: From my experience, the lighter the shade of your red hair, the lighter the “redhead friendly” color should be. For instance, if you have Nicole Kidman‘s strawberry red hair, opt for a light green. If you are a Julianne Moore, choose an emerald, dark green. Always choose colors based on your complexion and features.