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Back to School Redhead Beauty Tips

It’s back to school time & it’s time to create a morning beauty routine that doesnt require much time and effort. We spoke with redhead, licensed esthetician and skin coach for Skin Authority, Ashley White. “As a fellow redhead, I know you want your back-to-school routine to be simple, quick and to compliment your redheaded features.”


1. “Let’s start by lining the upper eye lid with a thin line of black eyeliner. I prefer liquid, which will also allow you to play on the beloved cat-eye more easily if you desire! Of course, finish off your eyes with mascara to further define them.”

2. “Depending on your coverage preference, either dust your face with powder or apply a foundation first for a more opaque finish. Easy contouring can be done using contrasting cheek colors and a flat brush. *Tip: make a “fish face” to define underneath the cheek bone with the edge of the flat brush holding the darker color to create a shadow. After applying the shadow, use the other edge of the brush with the brighter color to highlight above the cheek bone.”

3. “As a redhead, you are significantly more likely to have lighter colored eyes. Try to choose cheek colors that are opposite of your eye color on the color wheel. I.e. Blue is opposite of orange, gold toned blush is a great idea! Green is opposite of Red, a more pinkish hue is lovely! etc.”

4. “My favorite thing about fall makeup is having fun with bold lip colors. Ten minutes is a great amount of time to choose your loveliest purple-red, red-brown, red-red lip color. This will provide a bold look without being too time consuming.”

Don’t have 10 full minutes? If you only have 5 minutes, perhaps while you’re driving to school, you can do the below in 5 minutes or less:


1. “Fill in your brows! For a more natural look use an angled brush with a powder to fill in and define brows. A brow pencil will offer a bolder brow.” WATCH more below:

2. “Dust either a pigmented powder or a translucent powder across your sunscreen-treated face — SPF is a must for redheads! Finish with a puff of blush across your cheeks and maybe a tinted lip balm for a burst of color.”

Remember to stay away from products that contain dyes, fragrances and parabens as these ingredients can contribute to sensitizing your skin and have the potential to cause redness.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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